Room 4 2010

Hello everyone, it is great to be back posting on our class blog. We have had a very busy Term 1. The weather has been stunning and we have been glad that our school has a lovely pool. We had our swimming sports in February. In Week 6 the Year 6's went to camp for 4 days. We went to Shakespear Lodge which is situated in Shakespear Regional Park on the Whangaparoa peninsula north of Auckland. I will get the students to post some comments and photos.
Mrs Mckenzie

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Week 7 Term 3

Today is the first day of Spring-Yippee! Let's hope the warm sunny weather is not too far away.
It will be a busy week for our Junior school this week and we are looking forward to seeing their Production.
I was really impressed with the high standard of your calendar art Room 4 and I know your families will want to order them. They will make great gifts to give to people at Xmas. I have handed these in to the office if any of your families want to preview them, just ask Mrs Bayer or Mrs Taylor. Please remind them to be careful with them though so the pastel doesn't get smudged.
The Art exhibition is next week so make sure your families pencil it in on their calendars.

Our main focus is on writing a BOOK REVIEW this week. I want you to have a look at our school LIC wikispaces site. Click here .On the Reviews page you can visit Room 2's book reviews. There are also two other places you can look at. One of them is very helpful at explaining how to write a book review and the other site is a school in England where children have written their own reviews. First of all choose a Fiction book and read it thoroughly or it may be one you have already read. We really want to know your opinion of the book so others can decide whether or not it would be suitable for them to read. I will be getting you to add your reviews to our Library Wikispaces site later on.
You will also have some pages to do from your Dragon Maths book. The other thing I would like you to do is to add to your own blog and make a positive comment on someone else's blog. If you haven't yet made a blog have a look at the ideas on the others. Ask at school if you need help with something.
We do not have PHYS.ED with Mr Whatman until Thursday this week so remember your Whanau gear then.
Have a super sunny week everyone :)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Homelearning week 6.

Some fun activities for you this week. You will need to go to our Favourites site and click on the "WICKED" site.
1.Click on "General Knowledge" and do the last quiz (number 16).
2. Click on "Interactives" at the top then click on "What on Earth". Click on the "Three in a row" activity and play the game.
3. Click on "Interactives" again and click on the "Maths" button. Click on "Multiple Matrix" and follow the instructions.
4.Click on "Topics" at the top then click on "More Topics". Click on "AOTEAROA ADVENTURES" and choose one of the one point activities.
Remember to bring your Whanau gear for PE on Monday, and all those children who were in the top 10 placings at the cross-country will need to have your PE gear and running shoes every day for training for the Interschool Cross-country.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Gymnastics Competition-Wednesday 20th August.

What a fantastic day we had at the gym competition. All the children in our BBPS teams achieved great results. They have worked hard at all the practices and Mrs McKenzie is thrilled with the progress everyone made. CONGRATULATIONS to the Year 5 Girls team who won 1st overall. First Individual girl was Jessica and 2nd was Holly (Room 5) and the other girls in the top places were Zoe, Amy and Demi. The Year 5 boys performed creditably and were close to getting a team placing too. The Year 6 boys Team also gained 1st place and Dean was 1st Individual and Quest 3rd Individual. These were outstanding results considering there were at least 13 schools with teams of up to 10 girls and 10 boys at each year level. Mrs McK is bursting with pride. The two winning teams will be going to the Champion of Champions competition on Friday September 12th.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Week 5 Term 3

Congratulations to everyone on your fabulous presentations on the Olympic sports. Both Miss McCallister and Mrs Mckenzie were amazed at the Green Hat thinking and effort that had gone in to your work. It was extremely interesting to listen to and you have all tried extra hard to use a high level of thinking and creativity. WOW! Thank you.
The Art on Friday afternoon was great and I saw some excellent results produced in Room 4.
The Olympics has been stunning to watch and very motivational. Aren't we the lucky ones to have an interactive whiteboard in our room during these games. The multimedia articles and activities available this year have been a tremendous boost to our learning and teaching.
HOMELEARNING : We will keep it fairly easy this week as you put so much effort into last week's homelearning!
1. We do need to get back to the Dragon Maths book this week and our focus will be on
symmetry and transformations.
2. As this is the final week of the Olympics I would like you to choose two NZ Olympic athletes
from two different Olympic sports that you do not know much about and write a profile on
those athletes. Click on the link at the top of the Favourites Site then click on "Profiles" and in "select here" you need to choose the sports then choose the athletes.
Write your information up on an A4 piece of paper (no bigger than that). If you can find a photo of your athlete that would be great.

ENJOY YOUR WEEK EVERYONE. The gymnastics competition is on Wednesday so we have a couple of practices before then and also the choir will be practising hard this week getting ready for their big performance soon.

Goodbye Miss McCallister!

It was a happy and sad day on Friday. Miss McCallister taught us for the last time though some of us will get to see her on Wednesday next week when she comes up to watch the gymnastics
teams compete. We hope she can come and see our Art exhibition
in week 8 too. She was really thrilled to be given all her gifts and
she said how much she had enjoyed her time in Room 4 this year.

a great teacher.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Week 4 Term 3.

This is Miss McCallister's last week in Room 4 so let's make it a memorable one for her. She has been with us for a total of 10 weeks and has worked very hard. On behalf of everyone I would like to thank her and wish her the very best of luck in her future teaching career.
This week I have put 3 Olympic sites into our Favourites list. Your task is to find out 5 different things about your chosen Olympic sport for our Inquiry study. At least 2 of your pieces of information need to help answer your queries about how Technology has impacted on that particular sport (e.g. clothing, equipment). Present your information in a way that represents your chosen sport (e.g. a ball-shaped booklet or chart in the shape of a piece of equipment) - use your green hat thinking skills!! Use any other resources that support your answers and make it visually attractive. Bring it to school on Friday to present to the class.
Remember to bring Whanau gear for Gymnastics on Monday and on Friday afternoon we have the Art workshop (some people have yet to bring their permission slip and pay
for this).
Have a great week.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A day of celebration.

Miss McCallister has been teaching our class this term and today she was assessed by her University lecturer. We all went to the Library Information Centre for a lesson using information and inquiry skills about the Olympics. We were put in 8 groups and each group was given a different activity. We used computers, the projector, encyclopaedias, pictures, news articles, reference books, photos and charts to find the answers to our questions. We really enjoyed all the activities. Miss McCallister's lecturer thought she was an excellent teacher and we were all really excited when Miss McCallister told us that she had passed the test. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!
Here are some photos of some of the things we have been doing lately.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Week3 Term3

What a busy week! We have had some members of Room 4 gaining fantastic results in the Australasian Science test and others playing rugby against another local school, several went to a chess competition (have a look on our Senior school blog in our profile) and the members of the Senior dance group performed their amazing item at School Assembly on Friday. Also we heard all 32 speeches during the week. WOW- Miss McCallister and I were most impressed with the high standard of the speeches. Well done everyone! We will hear the semi-finalists this week and then choose our class representatives who will be saying their speeches at the Senior school competition. The kites are coming on and really looking brilliant. Unfortunately one of the kites had a mind of its own on Friday- while it was outside drying it suddenly flew up over the school roof never to be seen again!!!!
This week on Thursday we have the first of our three-way conference sessions. I am looking forward to the children sharing their learning with their parents. We are counting down to the Olympics now and have started various related activities.
Wasn't the Disco fun on Friday night!!! Have a great week everyone :)
*Click on "Olympics Activities" in Favourite Sites. Scroll down to "Grab The Glory-100 meter sprint"-click-read instructions-START (you may need to get someone to install Adobe Shockwave Player for it to work. Don't worry if you can't just go to the next activity). Play the game and see if you can beat me-I scored 9815 points.
*Click on the Olympic rings at the bottom of the page, it will open on "Social Studies Fun; The Olympics"- Read the introduction then do the Summer Olympics Wordsearch. Print it (if you can) and glue in your Homelearning book.
*Click on the Olympic rings again, scroll down and click on the sun symbol by "Are you an Olympic Expert?" and answer these questions in your book:
1. Name the city and the year of the first Olympic games.
2. How many times has the Olympics been held in Paris?
3. Name the cities and the years the Olympics has been held in Australia.
4. Where in Korea was the Olympics held?
5. In what years were the Olympics held in the USA?
6. When and where will the next Olympics be held?
7. How many Summer sports will there be at the 2008 Olympics?
*Go back to our main blog page and now click on the Beijing countdown clock at the top right.
Scroll down to the "Photo Gallery" and click on the 'More' sign under the photo. Scroll down and find the photo of the NZ delegation and click on it. Read "New Zealand Delegation dances it up in Olympic Village" and find the answer to this question- Q.-What is it that the NZ team rub as they leave their apartments to bring them good luck during the Olympics?