Room 4 2010

Hello everyone, it is great to be back posting on our class blog. We have had a very busy Term 1. The weather has been stunning and we have been glad that our school has a lovely pool. We had our swimming sports in February. In Week 6 the Year 6's went to camp for 4 days. We went to Shakespear Lodge which is situated in Shakespear Regional Park on the Whangaparoa peninsula north of Auckland. I will get the students to post some comments and photos.
Mrs Mckenzie

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Week 7 Term 4

I hope you all had a lovely weekend. It is definitely getting warmer now.
For Home learning keep going with your research on your inventor. You will also have Dragon Maths to do and your spelling list on Thursday. If you think you might be in the Interschool Athletics team bring your whanau sports gear every day this week. And we also have Phys Ed on Monday and Thursday.Can you please remember to bring your donation for our Bible teacher's Xmas / Thank you present. Also if you want to add Xmas decoration to your electronic invention please bring it to school. Try and add a new post to your blogs this week and put a comment on someone's blog that you haven't visited yet.
We only have 20 days of school left this year!! Let's have a super-duper week.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


WOW! Have a look at today's edition of the Howick and Pakuranga Times-We're famous!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Week 6 Term 4

For the next 3 weeks I would like you all to choose an inventor of electrical inventions to study and report back to the class. I have put a good site on our "Favourites" list for you to look through and choose someone. It would be great to be able to share your information on our interactive whiteboard and include various forms of technology (eg photos, video, powerpoint...) Be creative and think of different ways to find and present your information. Remember to keep a Bibliography and quote ALL your sources and resources of information. Have Fun!
You will also have Dragon Maths pages due on Friday and keep using Mathletics. Spelling is Thursday night.
Our Athletics sports are on Tuesday and we have a practice on Monday, so remember to bring your whanau gear.
Have a great week everyone.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Guiness Book of Records Attempt.

Thursday 13th was a successful day for us all! Yippee we did it!!!!!!!


We had a fabulous time at MOTAT today and learned many things about electrical, electronic and many other inventions and how they have impacted on our lives. It was great fun in the Tactile dome and we all managed to find our lumps of coal in the coalmine. The tram ride was awesome and the lesson in the classroom was excellent. We saw lots of different inventions that people have used over the last century or more to make life easier. The robot vacuum cleaner was proved to be pretty hopeless though!
We enjoyed our visit to the Telecommunications building with some of us ringing others on the old fashioned telephones.
At 3:00pm we did the countdown to the start of our Guiness World Record challenge. WOW! Everyone was amazing and we had a big audience giving us lots of encouragement.
WE DID IT! At 3:30pm we finished with a big cheer and then went inside for a celebration party. YAYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Week 5 Term 4

You were all stars at your performance at the school assembly on Friday. Well done. I was very proud of you all. We have a busy week ahead of us and we are half way through the term. Bring your whanau gear every day this week as we will try and fit in athletics practices at lunchtimes. Remember to tell your families about our Guiness Book of Records World record attempt at 3:00pm on THURSDAY. We go to MOTAT on Thursday too so come in correct school uniform. You will have Ms Anderson teaching you on Monday and Tuesday as I am released to work with the senior staff on our 2009 plans and programmes. Remember to bring your 9 volt battery to school. We will get started on our electronics work on Wednesday. I have an interesting site for you to work on for Homelearning this week. Many of you were interested to know exactly how a battery works so that is what you will be learning about.
1. Click on the link to the Duracell Battery website in our Favourites list.
2. Click on "What is a Battery?" and read the instructions.
3. Click on "Components of a Battery" and read all the information there.
4. Click on "Important Battery Terms" and find out what they are.
5. Click on "How a Battery Works", read the information and answer this question
-When a device is connected do the electrons flow from the positive terminal or the negative terminal to produce a current? (Make sure you turn the switch on).
6. Click on "Life of a Battery" and find out what the life of a battery depends on.
7. When you have finished learning all about batteries you might want to have a go at the games in the "Fun Stuff" section in the top right corner.See if you can earn a gold medal.
8. Keep going on the Mathletics site and do the assigned pages in your Dragon Maths book.

What an exciting action packed week we are going to have!!!!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Guiness Book of Records Attempt.

Hello everyone. I have been trying to work out what time to do our record attempt at sportstacking on Thursday 13th and have come to the conclusion it would be easiest to do it at 3:00-3:30pm. I hope you can all stay to take part. I know some of you have things on but maybe you could just change your times for that one occasion. It is a very unique thing to do and I would really like everyone to be there if at all possible. Remember to show this to Mum and Dad so they know what you are doing.
Well done the people who have been practising stack-ups, you are certainly getting better!! We will have a practice tomorrow for our assembly item-the play group and sportstacking demonstration. Also please all remember to bring your whanau gear for PE. Keep using the Electricity activities on our Favourite sites for Homelearning.
REMEMBER TO BRING YOUR 9volt BATTERY TO SCHOOL. We start on our electronic work on Monday. School photo orders need to come to school tomorrow or Friday. Thank you to everyone who has paid for the MOTAT trip, only a couple to come in now.
Enjoy your trip to Hong Kong Michael.
See you tomorrow.