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Hello everyone, it is great to be back posting on our class blog. We have had a very busy Term 1. The weather has been stunning and we have been glad that our school has a lovely pool. We had our swimming sports in February. In Week 6 the Year 6's went to camp for 4 days. We went to Shakespear Lodge which is situated in Shakespear Regional Park on the Whangaparoa peninsula north of Auckland. I will get the students to post some comments and photos.
Mrs Mckenzie

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Week 2 of Term 3.

What a great start we had to Term 3. Miss McCallister is doing a fabulous job teaching Room 4. She introduced several great Maori legends for Maori Language week and we started making our wonderful kites on Friday. Everyone enjoyed the drama activities acting out the parts of the legend "Rona and the Moon". On Monday we started doing gymnastics with Mr Whatman and he was very impressed with the number of talented gymnasts that we have in Room 4. It was good to welcome Koro Percy back to our school on Tuesday and we have started learning some new waiata (songs) and the Kapa Haka group had their first session. I think we are going to hear the haka echoing around our school soon. And what a fabulous day we had for the school cross country on Friday. Congratulations to all the children who achieved their goals.
We are looking forward to hearing all the speeches this week. There is quite a lot of excitement about them and I know you have all been working hard on writing and practising them. Good luck to you all.
We will keep it easy and fun this week as I know you will still be practising your speeches. We will start getting you to do some OLYMPICS activities.
1. Go to our Favourites site and click on the link there. Play the "WORLD FLAGS MATCH GAME".
2. Click on "OLYMPICS JIGSAW" and do the jigsaw.
3. Go back to the main page and click on "GYMNASTICS SLIDE PUZZLE" click start. Write down how many clicks it took you to complete it.
4. Go back to the main page and click on "NAME THAT FLAG".
You can reset and redo any of these games during the week.
5. Click on the Beijing Countdown at the top of the right side of our blogsite. Make yourself familiar with this website as we will be using it at school too.
6. Dragon Maths book-do the next page on TIME (page 58).
Remember to be prepared for Gymnastics with your Whanau gear on Monday.
Have a great week everyone.


alex said...

this is the best home work ever and I hate homework so how good do you think it is?

BBPS said...

Great to hear Alex!
Mrs Mac

Amy said...

I think it's really great that this week your giving homewirk about the Beijing Olympics! Because people all over China are getting really excited that the olympics are going to be held at Beijing!

Courtney said...

Hello Teachers
I havec enjoyed every bit of these homework
Thanks for so fun Homework

Alice said...

Mrs Mac,
I cant find the link to the flag match game
PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!

BBPS said...

Hello Alice-just click on the Olympics Activities site in the Favourite sites list at the bottom right of our blogsite and scroll down a bit. It is the second one down under the Animal activity.
Thanks for your comments Courtney and Amy.
Mrs Mac

Alice said...

hi mrs mac that was really fun homework.
did you know just as i entered my first comment and went back to the home page i looked at our fav sites and found it
see ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!