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Hello everyone, it is great to be back posting on our class blog. We have had a very busy Term 1. The weather has been stunning and we have been glad that our school has a lovely pool. We had our swimming sports in February. In Week 6 the Year 6's went to camp for 4 days. We went to Shakespear Lodge which is situated in Shakespear Regional Park on the Whangaparoa peninsula north of Auckland. I will get the students to post some comments and photos.
Mrs Mckenzie

Friday, December 12, 2008

End of 2008

Hello everyone. We certainly had a busy exciting week last week. Congratulations to the 6 people who won awards at the Prize giving-Fletcher, Jared, Lucy, Demi, Koen and Zoe. All your reports went home on Friday and I hope you have been through them with your parents by now. WELL DONE to all of you. We really have had a superb year. We will do some reflections next week and... get ready for that big basic facts test!!
On Tuesday we will have a shared lunch for our class party so bring some party food along and we will celebrate our fabulous year. We will have it at about 12:00 noon. If any parents want to come and join us please do so. The only homelearning for the last week is to keep practising your basic facts! Enjoy your weekend.


Mr. Barnett said...

Hello Room 4. My name is Mr. Barnett and I'm a 5th grade teacher in Moses Lake, Washington, USA. I have 23 students in my class and we were all very excited to hear from Mrs. McKenzie. She visited our classroom website and I've posted a link to your blog on my site. We're all very curious about New Zealand and we hope to hear from you again. It's 23 degrees Fahrenheit here and we received our first snow of the year. Have a great weekend.

Amy said...

WOW!!!!! Hi Mr. Barnett i hope you enjoy the snow! Thank you for visiting our blog!

Mr. Barnett said...

Hi kids. Moses Lake is a mild desert climate, so we don't receive much moisture over the year. Right now, we're in the middle of a really, really cold spell. Temperatures for this week are going to be in the single Fahrenheit digits, and in the minus Fahrenheit with the wind chill. Brrrr. My students would like to know what your weather is like since you're so close to Antarctica. In Washington, our 5th graders learn about High and Low pressure weather systems and the Water Cycle as part of their science lessons. Have a good week. Mr. Barnett

Horsie said...

Mr.Barnett your awsome thanks for the comment.

Mrs Mac I dont feel good that im moving school.I feel left out:(

BBPS said...

Sorry you feel a bit down about moving school-that is totally understandable. Look on it as a challenge and an exciting new adventure. You are a very capable student and I know you will be fine. Have a wonderful holiday and remember to keep in touch.
Mrs Mac

Amy said...

hmmmm is that Mu-Anne or Emily... oh yea its Emily! Mrs Mac told us that she was feeling left out! Hi Emily don't worry about feeling left out! Like Mrs McKenzie said think of it as another great challenge! Have a great time at your new school! Thanks for the other comment Mr Barnett!