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Hello everyone, it is great to be back posting on our class blog. We have had a very busy Term 1. The weather has been stunning and we have been glad that our school has a lovely pool. We had our swimming sports in February. In Week 6 the Year 6's went to camp for 4 days. We went to Shakespear Lodge which is situated in Shakespear Regional Park on the Whangaparoa peninsula north of Auckland. I will get the students to post some comments and photos.
Mrs Mckenzie

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Term 4 begins.

HELLO EVERYONE-at last I have found time to get onto the blog!
We all enjoyed our holidays and had many different experiences which we enjoyed sharing on our return to school. It is hard to believe we have already had one whole week back at school. At the end of Term 3 we farewelled Denbigh and his family who have left to start a new lifestyle at Flaxmill Bay on the East coast of Coromandel. It will be good to hear how he is getting on and be sure to visit him if you are over that way any time.
We are continuing our Inquiry process this term . Our main inquiry, related to the overall theme of "How are science and technology changing my world?" will be "How do the inventions of other people impact on and affect our lives today?". We are beginning with a science study of electricity and have already started looking at simple circuits. During the term we will extend into electronics and all the students in the Senior school will be constructing something with electronic components. EVERYONE WILL NEED TO BRING A 9VOLT BATTERY TO SCHOOL and we will supply the rest of the components. We will also be looking at electric and electronic inventions. We enjoyed the visit by the teacher from Vector on Thursday. She talked to us all about how to keep safe around electricity. It was a really dynamic presentation and we learnt a lot about electricity.
For Phys. Ed. we are focusing on Athletics-running for speed and distance, jumping for height and distance, throwing for distance, and relays. Hopefully the pool will be warm enough towards the end of term so we can get some swimming done as well. We are back into Jump Jam with Room 5 three times a week to build up our fitness levels too.
We will soon be asking Year 5 children to think about what senior monitor duties you would like to get involved in as a Year 6 next year. You will need to apply for some of the positions and the Road Patrols and Librarians will be trained this term.
1. Mathletics-we only have a few weeks left on our subscription so make sure you spend some time on this every day. Keep practising those tables, remember we have a BIG test coming up.
2. Dragon Maths-Statistics-pages 100 and 101.
3. Electricity-on our Favourite sites I have put several websites for you to have a look at. These will help you with the activities that we will be doing during the next few weeks. Do as much of them as possible and repeat the ones you are not too sure of.
4. Spelling-Thursday night.
REMEMBER-bring your whanau clothes for PE on Thursdays and sunhats and correct school uniform EVERY DAY.

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Alysha said...

Hi mrs mac i didn't do spelling because i did'nt do self learning or partner testing